OKBET CASINOS | Officials in the Republic of the Philippines are cracking down on POGO licenses and planning deportations

OKBET CASINOS | Officials in the Republic of the Philippines are cracking down on POGO licenses and planning deportations



The Philippines just just made an announcement that they would be clamping down and revoking POGO licenses for 175 offshore gambling enterprises. They also intend to deport over 40,000 Chinese employees as a result of these actions.

Since the establishment of the offshore program in 2016, Philippine Offshore Gambling Operators, often known as POGO, have been granted permission to do business. Businesses located in the Philippines that have an Offshore license are only permitted to provide online gambling services to customers located in other countries and not in the Philippines itself. The owners of POGO chose China since gambling is illegal in that nation, and China is the largest country that is geographically closest to the Philippines.

During the height of the POGO period, more than 300 thousand Chinese employees were employed by operators of these businesses. After the pandemic struck, the price of POGO licenses increased, and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) said that their total number of licenses had decreased from 60 to about 30. The vast majority of operators just lack the financial resources necessary to pay the required taxes and levies for such a business.

The government of China voiced its vehement opposition to the POGO licenses and requested that the program be halted, which President Rodrigo Duterte flatly refused to do. The sale of POGO licenses brings in an estimated $3.2 billion annually in money for the Philippines. Unfortunately, the scheme has also been linked to allegations of homicide, abduction, and other crimes.

Can Filipinos Gamble Online?

Yes, even if it seems that the POGO period has come to an end, offshore gambling companies based in other countries are still permitted to provide their services to residents of the Philippines.

The Philippines now has legislation that permits legitimate casinos to do their operations online. Players from the Philippines are only allowed to gamble at offshore casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms that have valid gambling licenses, as one of the limitations imposed by the government. Players in the Philippines are protected from unregulated, unlicensed casinos thanks to a rule passed in the country.

Playing at reputable and well-checked online casinos is the most effective approach to steer clear of unscrupulous or illegal gambling sites found on the internet. Due to the fact that our crew has previously investigated each site and ranked them according to their positive and negative aspects, the legal casino evaluations that we provide are an ideal place to begin.

In addition, the banking choices, bonus options, and special site features that distinguish each individual online casino distinct from the others are discussed in our in-depth evaluations of those casinos. Another popular facet of online casino gaming is the participation in live dealer games.

Legalization is a crucial aspect of operating a casino. Many players begin by acquiring licenses and other authorizations to protect their money and personal information. In this overview of OKBet, we will briefly examine the OKBet casinos history and various licenses. The Philippines is the location of the firm that created and operates OKBet Casinos. Some of the most reputable gaming watchdogs in the world monitor the website and grant it a license.

OKBet was founded in 2021 and is now a well-known operator with a team of skilled, experienced experts that strive to provide our clients with the finest online entertainment experience possible by providing amazing brands and superior customer support. Licensed by pagcor, OKBet-authorized online sportsbooks provide the finest odds and betting alternatives.

Numerous bonuses and unique offers at OKBet make gaming more enjoyable. This OKBet offer is only accessible to players who make their first deposit. When registering, every new player must put down a Php 1,000 security deposit. After making your first deposit, bonuses and free bets may be used to enhance your sports betting. The Cashback bonus on deposits provides a 2% refund on OKBet platform deposits. Before you may cash out, you must place a single wager equal to or more than the deposit bonus. The OKBet Second Deposit 68 percent bonus (up to Php 3,000) is exclusive to OKBet users who make a second deposit.

The most recent incentive is the Refer-A-Friend Bonus (up to 15%). If you refer up to four friends, you may earn up to 10% of their first deposit incentive. Conversely, if you bring five or more friends to join, you may get a 15% bonus on their first deposit. The last bonus is the birthday bonus. To play, a player must be an active member. In order to qualify for the birthday bonus, you must have made at least three (3) deposits during the preceding thirty days.

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