OKBET CASINOS | Every Day of Golden Week, Macau Officials Anticipate Over 20,000 Visitors

OKBET CASINOS | Every Day of Golden Week, Macau Officials Anticipate Over 20,000 Visitors



Cheng Wai Tong, the deputy director of the Government Tourism Office in Macau, has estimated that between 20,000 and 25,000 people would participate in the next National Day Golden Week events. He made this projection based on previous years’ attendance levels. The event will begin on Saturday, October 1 and continue through Friday, October 7 (beginning and ending respectively).

What Is Going to Be Celebrated During the National Day Golden Week?

The People’s Republic of China will be officially recognized and celebrated as a nation at the events that will mark the occasion. The festivities will feature a fireworks extravaganza on the day that the race begins, the unveiling of many new museum exhibits at the Macau Grand Prix Museum, and a series of advertising efforts for Macau’s hospitality and leisure sectors, amongst other things.

In addition, the beginning of the annual “Golden Week” will take place on October 1 this year. In the past, the “Golden Week” would attract a large number of tourists each and every year. However, because of the limits imposed during the epidemic as well as China’s crackdown, similar events have had to be postponed over the previous several years.

Tong has great expectations that Macau would at least go above 20,000 tourists a day during the Golden Week, despite the fact that the 25,000 number is believed to be an ambitious one. During the Golden Week. It is reasonable to claim that Macau has registered the largest number of visitors since June 18, which was the official day when the Covid-19 outbreak was reported.

When looking at the visitor account from last Friday, which hit the mark of 26,000, it is possible to state this. Tong has stated his confidence that the numbers would continue to increase on a steady basis. In spite of this, even if the figure of 25,000 that has been forecasted turns out to be accurate, this would still be a considerable reduction in comparison to the numbers that were reported before the epidemic. In the past, Macau welcomed more than 100,000 tourists every single day.

Temperature Checks, as well as Covid019 Tests that Came Back Negative

Officials in Macau, as represented by the Government Information Bureau, have announced a series of preventative measures in response to the possibility of an increase in the number of people infected with the deadly virus Covid-19 as well as an additional strain on the health protocols currently in place in Macau. We may name one of these as the requirement that outbound tourists must have a negative result on their Covid-19 test while also having their body temperature monitored when they come into the country.

The same agency has made the announcement that it would increase the number of workers stationed at each and every checkpoint along the border. In addition, travelers who are returning from vacations are encouraged to seek medical counsel and reveal their whole travel history if they begin exhibiting certain Covid-19 symptoms.

This is the case if they notice that they have been exposed to the virus while away. In addition, authorities from the Chinese health system issued a caution to citizens not to travel across provinces. After the end of the Golden Week the previous year, overall gaming revenue in Macau dropped by 37% in the following week. Macau was placed under a rigorous lockdown by the SAR government for one full week in the month of July.

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