OKBET CASINOS | Changes to the Poker TDA Rule 2022 What to Do When Your Bubble Is Stalled

OKBET CASINOS | Changes to the Poker TDA Rule 2022 What to Do When Your Bubble Is Stalled



TDA RULE 2022 – The recently issued regulations and proposed practices from the 2022 Tournament Directors Association don’t involve many seismic shifts, but they do address one thorny topic: delaying.

The TDA held its annual Summit in Las Vegas this past July to discuss and debate potential rule changes for upcoming tournaments. Tournament Directors Association (TDA) founder Matt Savage, together with Poker Hall of Famers Jan Fisher and Linda Johnson, and others, revised the standard operating procedures for OKBet poker tournaments.

Among the numerous novel additions to the TDA’s rules is Rule #10A, which reads, “New players joining the tournament and players from broken tables may acquire any seat including the small or large blind or the button and be dealt in except between the SB and button.”

In its place, the following is now Rule #35E (Fouled decks): “The deck is considered fouled if two or more cards of the same rank and suit are discovered. Local gaming laws and house policy will determine what constitutes a “fouled deck.””

The TDA team addressed the topic of what to do in the event of a premature card deal or an abnormal flip in Section 39. Let’s say the flip consists of four cards instead of three, and the dealer makes a mistake. If you were on the floor crew, how would you handle this? See the image below for the solution (the rules has been updated for 2022, as shown by the red print):

How to Prevent and Deal with Stalling in Poker Tournaments

Tanking excessively and hoping that players at other tables would bust is a typical tactic on the bubble or while nearing huge pay-jumps in many tournaments, particularly important ones like the WSOP Main Event. It’s common for players with little stacks or those just starting out to do this. Some gamers may find this frustrating since they dislike having the game slowed down by stallers.

Most competitions don’t employ a shot clock, which makes it hard to monitor stalling. In light of this, the TDA lacks the authority to impose uniform standards in this respect. However, they did provide some suggested procedures for the many tournament hosts.

“The house should make it apparent that it intends to cut down on delaying so that the players know to keep things moving forward. It is suggested that every residence come up with original strategies to lessen delaying. Houses in the TDA have found success with strategies like as switching to random table breaks rather than table draws, playing a set number of hands each level, trading places with each other in the orbit, playing softer hands against one other, and even instituting a shot clock.” There are PR-19 states.

The use of shot timers is common in high roller tournaments but uncommon at lower stakes games. It’s possible that this may alter down the line, but for now, short-stacked players will continue to delay in an effort to either increase their stack size or sneak into the money. The TDA’s suggestions, though, ought to make things go a little faster.

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